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Question 1:  My current company puts a guard out here who has been caught sleeping and he has also been known to go home in the middle of his shift.  How do I know I won't have this problem with your company?

Truthfully, this is a two pronged problem many companies face.  First, the quality of the officers is an issue.  This comes down to hiring the cheapest labor you can get.  The old adage that "you get what you pay for," is very true. Inexperienced companies will "lowball" a price to get a bid.  Then they are relegated to hiring the cheapest labor they can find in order to cover the post.  The result is you the client, become frustrated after a couple of months and start looking for another "cheap" security company, expecting a better result. 

Secondly, it comes down to management and supervison.  The biggest thing that separates us from our competitors, is the way we manage our people.  We have multiple layers of supervison in place, and safeguards to help ensure our officers are on their posts and doing their jobs.  Furthermore, we pay an above average wage, so our officers want to stay here, so they do their jobs. 

The bottom line is if you want good help, you have to pay for it.  Safeguards and multiple layers of supervision cost money.  We can't say we are going to be the cheapest security company you can get.  In fact, we know we aren't.  What we can say is the quality of service you will get is second to none.  We want to be the last security company you ever have to call.  Give us a call!  

Question 2:  I need to hire a private investigator.  Can I call and get a price?

In a word... "no."  You can't expect to hire a quality private investigator by getting a price over the phone.  You should be very careful about hiring an investigator who is ready to quote you a price that quickly.  
A good investigator will have questions about your case before he determines if he is going to take it.  If you find one who will give you a price on the phone, be careful about extra hidden charges that may come later on after he has started your case.   Our initial consultation is free.  If you need an investigator, call us!

Question 3:  I just don't see the point in hiring private security.  Isn't it better to just hire police officers?

No.  Most people don't understand that police officers are extremely limited in what they can do on private property.  They can't enforce your private rules like curfews, loitering, etc.  Security Officers are trained, and  able to enforce those rules.  Call us to set up a time to discuss how we can help with your security needs!

Question 4:  I don't want to sign a contract.  Can't I just try your security officers out for about a month?

No.  It is illegal to perform security services in the state of Texas without a contract.  We understand your concern.  Call us to discuss how we can tailor a unique plan that addresses your concerns, but is also legal.

Question 5:  Security companies are more expensive than I can afford.  Doesn't it just make sense for me to hire someone in house?

This is problematic for a couple of reasons.  First it is illegal for anyone, even a licensed security officer, to perform security services without going through a licensed security company.  Secondly, it is illegal for anyone to knowingly engage the services of someone who is NOT licensed to perform security services.  Some places have been known to try to get around this by calling that person a "courtesy officer," or "courtesy patrol."  However, if he is performing the tasks a security officer would perform (ie. patrolling), both you and he are breaking the law.  The third problem is the liability.  If something happens on your property and it comes out that you had someone who is UNLICENSED, and UNTRAINED to perform security services, you could be in for huge lawsuits both PERSONALLY and PROFESSIONALLY.  Leave your security needs in our steady hands.  We're licensed professionals with years of experience and the insurances required to minimize your liability.  Call us today to find how we can help you!


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